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Artis Thompson, III, American Ninja Warrior Competitor

Condition: Below the knee amputee

My name is Artis Thompson, III. In 2012, I was in a motorcycle accident which led to losing my left leg below the knee.

I am the father of three beautiful kids, a semi-pro football player, a personal trainer, an American Ninja Warrior, and an amputee. Every day I am faced with many challenges and obstacles that sometimes make me question whether I am capable of succeeding. My daily motivation and inspiration comes from my kids. When I think of them I’m instantly reminded and encouraged that there is nothing that I cannot do. With that motivation, I am committed to spending the rest of my life going above and beyond. My goal is to accomplish anything and everything that will push my limits physically and mentally.

CONNECTION Artis Thompson III American Ninja WarriorSince my amputation, I have had many opportunities. I have been selected to play in two all-star football games, I returned to boxing and mixed martial arts, established myself as a personal trainer,

I ran in the 2015 Boston Marathon, and I even competed in Houston regional qualifiers in 2015 and the Oklahoma City qualifiers in 2016 seasons of American Ninja Warrior. I hope that by me overcoming my personal challenges, not only shows the world what I can do, but also motivates others to take a step forward and make a change in their life. I want to inspire people to not only make physical changes in their life, but also make overall changes to better themselves, and their lives. Over the last 3 years I have learned that no matter who we are, or what we are faced with, we are still free to succeed. We have to work hard to achieve success, but it is always possible to succeed.

Artis Thompson, III: Facebook PageTwitter @AT3_ANW

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