CONNECTION Larry Duncan Marina

Larry Duncan

Condition:  Below the knee amputee

As a person that came from the hardest of times that anyone can think of, I worked forty years in the welding industry, had many motorcycle accidents, and suffered complex injuries numerous times from my head, hands and feet, and some nearly costing me my life.

Then in 2015 from the flybridge of my boat, I lost my footing on top of the ladder breaking my leg. Even though there were numerous attempts in saving my leg, I made the hardest decision of my life to amputate it in 2016.

Although I find it to still be difficult to talk about it, I do talk to people and show off my prosthetic leg like it is a badge of honor that "I lived through", yet it does bother me and has affected my life. It has really been a hard process, but I know that my life has been better.

CONNECTION Larry Duncan runningThe doctor put Teresa Masters, Prosthetist, and I together and from the first time she stepped into my home, we just clicked. Teresa has always been there for me...I have never seen someone that was more prepared to help in my situation.

Within two months, I was in my first prosthetic and was back in the gym, working out hard and running. I have so many stories to share about how Teresa has been so helpful. I will say this, I really don't know if I would be where I am today if it weren't for her and her team. 

CONNECTION Larry Duncan Boat2I am rebuilding my life to find the man I used to be for my wife...a tough biker, a builder, a designer, and a master of many trades. I am grateful for my wife standing by my side, enduring my many life experiences and my hope is to continue to be strong through this and to give her more peace and help.

There is NO ONE better at their profession as Teresa. I am happy she was picked to help me through this. I will not allow losing a limb to beat me. I am determined to find the guy that I know is still in me. Thank you!
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